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Baby Comforter Blankets

These security blankets are super soft and durable, ideal from newborn through to toddler years  

Our blankets are designed from a baby's perspective. They're cute & cuddly. These larger sized gems will give unconditional love to your baby for years to come with their loving plush animal heads and paws

These baby blankets deserve special attention as their soft, neutral colours opens your choice up to whomever this earth is next graced with, boy or girl.

Tiffany Lamb - Cutesy Wootsy Quick shop
Sebastian Bunny - Cutesy Wootsy Quick shop
Ariel Bunny - Cutesy Wootsy Quick shop
Skye Giraffe - Cutesy Wootsy Quick shop
Ocean Elephant - Cutesy Wootsy Quick shop

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Each "Cutesy Wootsy" face has endearing, calm & loving features: their heads are super soft, yet substantially realistic, along with their cute, cuddly, little paws.