About Us

I've always had a love for babies and all that will nurture, comfort & hold special memories. 

I'm a Mummy of 3 gorgeous boys: 6, 4 & 2 years old. They along with hubby are my world and I'm so truly grateful and thankful for them. Their energy levels are high, an over abundant love of cars, trucks, dirt, rocks and being loud, has me occasionally hiding out in the bathroom for a moment's peace.

"Cutesy Wootsy" is my 'girly out'. Creating such soft, cuddly, cute, loving little creatures makes my heart smile and I hope they bring much joy and love to your world too.

For me, "Cutesy Wootsy" is a Mummy & Baby cove, where there's a unique, tranquil & modern take on 'old school' treasures. Our comfort blanket is not just about having a blanket to keep our precious ones warm - but surrounding themselves with beautiful things that give joy, company & security. I designed these blankets to create a unique version of the baby comforter . I hope these little gems fill your heart as full as they have ours & are cherished dearly by you all. 

We recently launched our Soothing Sleeper. This idea of a 'white noise' machine is something I truly believe in & cherish. My 3 babies had the sound of the ocean from birth. I played it in hospital & it not only calmed them, it was also therapeutic for me too. My 2, 4 & 6 year old's now enjoy ocean waves & the night light. Its reignited a relaxing & enjoyable night time routine, encouraging them to fall asleep peacefully at the end of the day.

I'm putting my heart & soul into Cutesy Wootsy & hope you get much enjoyment & reward from my products.

Warm regards,

Sammy x