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About Us

It all started when...

A 17-year-old girl was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, who still chased her lifelong dream and became a registered nurse and a midwife. Her body wasn't coping, but her heart and love for babies shone through.

Welcome, I'm Sammy. I've since travelled to the UK, worked as a newborn nanny and before heading home, I worked in Bermuda with a newborn baby girl until she was 14 months old. Living on an island was magic. You may notice a trend in the names of my blankets. My heart and soul is here.

I'm incredibly fortunate, I'm married, and we have three beautiful boys. When our youngest was 6 months old, he was a textbook baby; my passion became drawing and designing. I had the determination to help hubby support our family financially knowing I physically couldn't hold a 9-5 job (turns out small businesses are 24/7, lucky all your beautiful feedback, orders and gorgeous customers I come across make me keep going).

So my life had a new vision. A luxuriously soft, adorable, larger than life friend with warmth was designed and Cutesy Wootsy was born.